Daniel Kamp makes beautifully designed everyday objects, designed with the explicit intent that they will last and be so beautiful that you’ll never want to let them go.

As part of Fraser Chatham‘s Kamp. photo project, Cuetone stiched and colour graded his outstanding photography.

Fraser is the youngest photographer to be included in the Lürzer’s Archive top 200 Photographers worldwide.

Fraser Chatham kamp 4

Kamp.studio is an experimental design practice with a focus on 3d printing, but Daniel is quick to point out that it’s “not all about 3d printing.”

“I don’t want to be bogged down to one particular technology. The idea is that Kamp.studio explores opportunities through creating things. As those opportunities arrive I’ll act on them. The first is to create everyday things with 3d printing, because the technology just came of age. It’s been around for a long time now but up until the last couple of years, 3d printing meant shitty breakable plastic objects”.

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Fraser Chatham in chair
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