Karaoke Boiz

Imagine if the Spice Girls was actually a karaoke band set up in a rural small town by a bloke named Wayne?

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The unoffical backstory of The Spice Girls.

After a successful run at Auckland’s Pride season at Q theater in 2019, KBoiz has set its sights on Melbourne for 2021! Be sure to follow our Facebook page so you don’t miss it.

Daryl Wrightson


Daryl is a seasoned theatre-maker, and is the brains behind comedy shows like Loose-Knit Kiddies Show and Sir Dame Judy Ginger.

Tom Sainsbury


One of New Zealand's most popular and prolific playwrights, gaining considerable attention and praise in the past few years for productions of his dark comedies in New Zealand, USA, Australia and London.

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Co-Writer/Exec Producer

An alumni member of Dynamotion, Kermath has been on and off the dark comedy stage for 4 years and still picking up steam.

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Lara Liew


With one foot in theatre-making and the other doing a pirouette, Lara is a multi-talented dancing queen that has a rich and diverse background in performing arts and contemporary dance.

Eye-candy Zak who plays a Waikato boy that is a fusion of “Baby Spice, Hello Kitty and Farrah Moan the drag queen”
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Spice up up your night!
"The re-imagining of The Spice Girls through a rainbow lens"
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Karaoke Boiz play hits Auckland
"You will never be bored.""
Fountains of Wayne


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